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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Gate House - The B. Anthony

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Morgan and I went to The Gate House a while ago for Valentine's Day; it's a favorite of ours, and located in Village Gate on North Goodman Street in Rochester. Famous in the area for its gourmet pizza and burgers, it seemed like a great choice for a slightly-upscale, yet still casual date. The price is pretty reasonable as well (check out their website for a full menu, with prices).

For those of you out there who aren't big fans of unorthodox burgers or pizza, the "Small Plates" menu features chicken fingers with blue cheese fondue dipping sauce, macaroni and goat cheese (highly-recommended), and eggplant "fries," among other selections. There are also equally-creative salads available, as well as a far less funky menu for children.

I wanted to take a step out of the "norm" and try something new, so I chose a burger which The Gate House calls "The B. Anthony," named after Rochester's own women's suffrage champion Susan B. Anthony (it may seem hokey to some, but The Gate House names most of its food items after Rochester icons, like "The Kodak" or "The Wegman," which I find amusing and endearing). The B. Anthony consists of a veggie burger patty, lettuce, salsa fresca, and sriracha mayo (to add a little kick). It also came with a side of "black and tan" onion rings.

I'm not a huge eater of veggie burgers, but I do occasionally enjoy them, if not only for something a little different than the standard greasy burger fare. Compared to other veggie burgers I've had from restaurants, The B. Anthony ranks somewhere near the top: the vegetable mix used for the patty was a perfect combo of beans, red peppers, onions, and who knows what other delicious ingredients. The patty was cooked so well that, at times, I forgot I wasn't eating meat. The lettuce was crisp, and the salsa fresca added a great layer and texture to the burger. The sriracha mayo added the perfect amount of spice, without making my tongue burn.

The only complaint I had with this meal rested not with the burger, but with the "black and tan" onion rings that accompanied it. Named for the dark lines on the batter caused by the grilling process, these onion rings sounded like they would be the perfect compliment to my burger. However, I found the taste of the batter on the rings quite strange: slightly sweet, with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. I wasn't impressed with the unique flavor, but it might appeal to those looking to compliment their wine.

Despite the disappointing side (I would recommend trying the garlic rosemary french fries instead), I still give this meal a solid score: The B. Anthony is beyond a doubt my favorite veggie burger in the area, and has given me yet another reason to visit The Gate House in the future. For those of you who are reluctant to dine in, take-out is also an available option.

Score (out of 10):

274 North Goodman St., Rochester, NY 14607
Phone Number: (585) 473-2090


  1. I've been looking for a place with some Rochester pride. I'll try to make it in this weekend. Thanks!

  2. complement*

    also, aren't the onion rings named after the Black and Tan beer used in the batter?


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